Mud Scraper Series

304 stainless steel Hydraulic reciprocating mud scraper for sedimentation tank sludge scraper for water treatment plant

The hydraulic reciprocating mud scraper, also known as the bottom mud scraper, is the main equipment of the sedimentation tank.

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central transmission mud scraper for circular primary sedimentation tank central drive sludge scraper for circular secondary sedimentation tank

The fully automatic center transmission mud scraper is a high-quality mud scraper, which is often used in various mud scraping projects. It is commonly used in municipal water treatment and industrial sewage treatment, and its good usability has brought us great convenience.

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mud scraper

304 stainless steel Non-metallic chain mud scraper for sewage treatment plant sedimentation tank

The chain-plate mud scraper is mainly used for sewage treatment plant, and can continuously discharge oil dirt or remove scum on the water surface.

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