Other Water Treatment Series

Max Diameter 330mm disc type microporous aerator

The disc type microporous aerator is used to increase the oxygen content in wastewater treatment. When air passes through the device, it is divided into countless small bubbles.

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3G/5G oxygen source water-cooled and air-cooled ozone generator for swimming pool 200G air source water-cooled ozone generator

Ozone belongs to broad-spectrum sterilization and has a strong killing effect on various bacteria and viruses.

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Automatic stainless steel maintenance free grease trap lifting equipment for hotel and cafeteria pre-treatment

The LDGT9 series is suitable for improving the discharge of catering wastewater after treatment in the catering area of various Shopping mall or Commercial Plaza.

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Food waste biochemical treatment equipment for school canteen communitie and food markets

The Longdai Kitchen Waste Recycling and Treatment Equipment System adopts a framework assembly structure, and through integration, optimization and improvement of solid-liquid separation, sorting, crushing, extrusion, biodegradation, WT treatment, and IoT technology systems, organic waste such as catering, kitchen waste, fruits and vegetables are processed in situ at the source.

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304 stainless steel shaftless screw conveyor for sludge conveyor carbon steel inclined sprial conveyor

sprial conveyor are mainly used to transport waste from industries such as wastewater treatment, papermaking, and chemical industry waste

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Biological filler moving bed biological K1 K3 Mbbr bio filter media for waste water treatment plant

MBR bio-filler

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304 stainless steel MBBR Integration Sewage Treatment Equipment MBR Sewage Water Treatment Plant

MBBR Sewage Water Treatment Plants

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