304 stainless steel rotary disc filter for deep sewage treatment to remove suspended particles

304 stainless steel rotary disc filter for deep sewage treatment to remove suspended particles
The stainless steel rotary disc filter is mainly suitable for deep treatment in the backend of sewage treatment processes.
Capacity: 1000-20000 m3/D
Place of Origin: CHINA
Delivery Time: Depends on the situation
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 1000 units per year
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Product Description

The stainless steel rotary disc filter is mainly suitable for deep treatment in the backend of sewage treatment processes. It is installed after the conventional secondary sewage treatment system or the secondary sedimentation tank of the conventional secondary sewage treatment, mainly removing total suspended particulate matter in the water. If combined with the addition of chemicals, it can also remove some pollutants such as phosphorus, turbidity, COD, etc. It is suitable for upgrading and upgrading the effluent discharge of existing sewage treatment plants and meeting the discharge standards of new sewage treatment plants, It can increase the discharge standard of first level B of raw water to that of first level A after equipment treatment.

Product Structure

The stainless steel rotary disc filter is composed of accessories such as a central water collection cylinder, stainless steel filter discs, drive reducers and chains, backwashing nozzles and high-pressure flushing pumps, intelligent liquid level and pressure transmitters, control cabinets, and flushing pipelines.
1、The central inlet pipe is made of SS304 stainless steel, and the size and length of the pipe diameter are determined by the overall equipment diameter and daily treatment water volume during design;
2、The stainless steel filter disc is composed of a stainless steel skeleton and a 316L filter screen with a filtration accuracy of less than 10 microns. It is fixed on the central inlet cylinder with an enhanced nylon bracket, driving the reducer and chain to slowly rotate the central cylinder and disc. The chain sprocket is made of different materials according to different water quality, commonly including SS304 stainless steel, nylon, and other materials;
3、The flushing pipe and nozzle are made of SS304 stainless steel and fixed on a support frame made of SS304;
4、The high-pressure flushing pump is a stainless steel multi-stage centrifugal pump, and the control cabinet is a rainproof cabinet made of SS304 stainless steel. It is internally equipped with PLC, frequency converter, central control module, and other electrical components to control the operation of the entire equipment and interface with the central control room.

Working Principle

1、The stainless steel rotary disc filter is a semi immersed in and out type. During operation, half of the filter is submerged in the filter tank water. The raw water flows into the inner chamber of the disc through the central inlet pipe, and the filtration accuracy is ≤ 10um using a 316L filter screen. Therefore, the SS concentration of the water flowing into the outer chamber of the disc through the filter screen has reached the discharge standard of level A. The water in the inner chamber of the disc flows into the tank through the filter screen and is concentrated outside the filter tank.
2、The stainless steel rotary filter is stationary during normal operation. When the water level at the inlet is 200mm higher than half of the filtering equipment, the external raw water continuously enters the water inlet, and the SS in the water is constantly blocked by the filter cloth. During operation, the SS in the water continuously accumulates on the surface of the filter, while also continuously reducing the flux of the filter itself. At the same time, the water level inside the filter is slowly rising, When the water level rises to the height set by the equipment, it indicates that the SS concentration on the surface of the filter has reached the highest value, and the filter flux has decreased to the lowest value. The filter needs to be cleaned.
3、When the water level in the filter rises to the set height (backwashing water level), the backwashing water level is usually 150~250mm higher than half of the equipment. Specific adjustments should be made based on the water quality and quantity during on-site installation and water inlet debugging of the equipment. At this time, the intelligent liquid level pressure transmitter will transmit the read water level value to the automatic control cabinet, and the PLC in the cabinet will start the automatic cleaning program after receiving the information. Start the high-pressure flushing pump, start the reducer to drive the center inlet cylinder to rotate and start cleaning.
4、The speed of the central water collection tank is usually 0.6-1.5r/min, which can be adjusted by the frequency converter inside the control cabinet according to the actual situation. High pressure water washes the filter screen through the nozzle, flushing the SS attached to the surface of the filter screen to the sludge collection tank and returning to the front end of the entire process. After the filter screen is flushed, it reaches the design flux. When the water inlet level drops to the set level, the entire equipment stops working and circulates in sequence, effectively reducing the loss of flushing water.

Model & Specifications

Model Capacity(m³/D) Disc Specification(mm) Power(KW) Backwash Pump
LD-1500/2 1000 φ1000*2 Pcs 0.37 Q=30m³/h;H=7m;N=2.2KW
LD-2000/2 2000 φ2000*2 Pcs 0.37
LD-2000/6 5000 φ2000*6 Pcs 0.55
LD-2000/10 10000 φ2000*10 Pcs 0.75
LD-3000/8 15000 φ3000*8 Pcs 0.75 Q=50m³/h;H=7m;N=3.0KW
LD-2000/12 20000 φ2000*12 Pcs 0.75

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